Registration Services

Welcome to Rajesh Raj Gupta & Associates LLP (RRGA), your trusted partner in the realm of financial services. Our specialized Registration Services are tailored to bring your business aspirations to life.

Why choose us

Starting a business is exciting! But navigating the complexities of company registration can be overwhelming. That's where we come in. Here's why RRGA is the perfect partner to get your business off the ground smoothly.

Company Registration

Simplify the complex! Focus on your business idea, we'll handle the legalities. Expert company registration services to get you started fast. Contact us today!

LLP Registration

Streamline your business setup with our fast & easy LLP registration service. Get started today and enjoy limited liability protection!

Society Registration

Turn your vision into reality. Register your society efficiently with our expert guidance. Save time, ensure compliance, and focus on your cause. Let's get started!

Trust Registration

Establish your trust legally and gain donor confidence. Our streamlined service simplifies the registration process. Get started now!

Registration under section 12AA/80G of Income Tax Act

Streamline tax benefits! Register under Section 12AA/80G of Income Tax Act. Get exemptions for donations & simplify your organization's finances.


Streamline your taxes with GST! We simplify Goods & Services Tax registration, filing, and compliance. Save time and avoid penalties. Get a free quote today!

Import-Export code(IEC)

Streamline your international trade! Get your IEC (Import-Export Code) today. It's your essential key to importing and exporting goods from India. Act now and unlock global opportunities.


Streamline employee benefits! Register your business for ESI (Employee's State Insurance) online with us. Ensure social security coverage for your employees and simplify compliance. Get started today!


Simplify EPF compliance for your business. Get expert guidance on EPF registration, challan submissions, and easy account management. Start hassle-free payroll today.


Streamline your finances! Get hassle-free PAN & TAN registration for your business. We handle the paperwork, ensuring compliance and saving you time. Get started today!

Shop & Establishment

Streamline business operations! Get your Shop & Establishment registration done efficiently. We handle the process, ensuring compliance and legal peace of mind. Contact us today!

FSSAI Food Registration

Comply with Food Safety Regulations Easily! FSSAI Registration Made Simple. Get started in minutes with our expert guidance.

Legal Metrology

Ensure accurate product measurements: Get Legal Metrology Registered. We simplify the process!

STP Registration

Unleash your software potential globally. Streamline exports and gain tax benefits with our efficient STP Registration services. Get started today!

FCRA Registration

Comply with foreign funding regulations! Get expert guidance for FCRA registration and ensure smooth receipt of overseas donations for your NGO.