Direct and Indirect Taxes

Direct Tax

  • Corporate Taxation: Our team of specialist helps our clients to take full advantage of Law by structuring tax efficient transactions. Our team keeps itself abreast of latest development and ensures that client is fully complied with all the requirements. We identify risk and opportunities for our clients and help them to safeguard against risk by having necessary mitigants in place.We advise our clients in complying with local Corporate Income Tax taking advantages with in the four corners of Income Tax Law.
  • International Taxation : One of the area of tax dispute is transaction between two Associate Enterprises, our team of experts help our clients in avoiding tax disputes.
  • Transfer Pricing: Because of involvement of two different tax jurisdictions, disputes are bound to happen. We help our clients to establish strong Transfer Pricing practices, maintain robust documentation procedure and ensure compliance with requirements under the law.
  • Representations: Our team of experts helps our clients to handle Tax disputes and make representation before Tax authorities.
  • Expat Taxation: We help foreign employees working in India to comply with local law. Our team of experts help in determining their residential status, taxable income and in discharging tax liabilities.
  • Individual Tax Planning: Indian tax law requires a tactical approach and a range of strategies so that you are well positioned for tax savings.
  • Handling Surveys, search & Seizures Cases
  • Tax Planning strategies for profit and dividend repatriation
  • Advise on corrective measures required under different Direct Tax Statutes
  • Tax during tax audit by revenue authorities
  • Advisory on applicability of Income Computation and Disclosure Standards

Indirect Tax

– Goods & Service Tax Act 2017 and Value added Tax
– International Trade & Customs

With the recent development, most of the Indirect Taxes in India have been subsumed in GST including VAT except on liquor and Petroleum and products and Service Tax. Goods & Service Tax is a most required Indirect Tax Reform in India. We have been engaged in helping our clients in its Implementation and monthly Compliances. Our pragmatic approach towards teething problems and keeping spirit of GST law has helped our clients in terms of being fully compliant as well as saving on cost.

We have been helping our clients in Compliances since the rollout of GST. Our dedicated team of GST understand business model for each of the client and provide pragmatic solutions. We have been engaged in GST impact study for various clients and also helped them to make decision keeping in mind Anti-Profiteering Provisions.

We remain constantly in touch with our clients and help them comply with Monthly and other periodic requirements of GST.

Our services includes:

    • Registrations
    • Compliance
    • Review/Health-Check
    • Advisory
    • Corporate Training
    • Impact Analysis
    • Export Refund
    • Departmental Audit Assistance
    • Annual Audit
    • Certification
    Liquor and Petroleum Products have been kept out of GST therefore still attracts State VAT/Excise and we advise the clients on the issues relating to various VAT compliances in different states.


International Trade & Customs


  • Advise on foreign trade policy including importability of goods, export incentive scheme and the underlying procedures
  • Advise on classification issues, valuation (including valuation assessment), duty benefits / exemptions, refunds, etc.;
  • Supply Chain and tariff planning including project imports and international trade agreements;
  • Assistance in self-assessment, audit defences and litigation support;